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Higher standards on refund and shipping

Posted by subir kumar on

As holiday shopping reaches its peak, online shopping is helping many customers save time by avoiding the hassles of going to stores. The trend towards online shopping is strong with people spending more this thanksgiving than last year. Customers are also spreading the shopping over the months of November and December instead of specific days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.

All seems well expect the shipping troubles of delivering millions of packages. The 2013 holiday season had the worst in terms of bad weather and bad management from shipping carriers like UPS. Many ecommerce retailers are already notifying customers of the delay due to record number of packages. We understand the difficulties companies like UPS face in terms of forecasting and staffing according to the actual demand. Its more art than science to get the right amount of staff to deliver the packages. If the company understaff's the on-time delivery takes a hit, but the opposite of over staffing leads to underutilization and additional cost. UPS and Fedex being public companies are constantly under scrutiny from wall street. Personally I believe these companies care more about cost (investor and stock price) than customer experience. What is being missed by these companies is the promise made to the end customer. A delay in package delivery spoils the most important moment in the customer's life. A gift that arrives late brings disappointment to kids. Kids don't understand why Santa will be late? "Does he not love me?" is what the kid questions.

Shipping delay is one hassle but the other is refund processing. When a customer has not received the order in time, many ecommerce retailers wash their hands in issuing a refund. The retailer blames the shipping company and the shipping company points all customer questions to the retailers. The customer is caught between rock and mountain. 

Along with the shipping companies, the payment processing companies and banks need to speed-up the refund process. It takes 3-5 business for the refund amount to reflect in customer's account. We are not happy with this. In this age of instant transactions why this long? The delay in refund processing by banks cause trust issues with customers. Customers get paranoid about the retailer who issued the refund. Did they really issue the refund? Delayed refund processing leads to multiple customer support contacts and increases the cost of doing business. In short, delayed refund processing increases cost and friction in ecommerce.

But customers of Bazaarprime need not worry. We at Bazaarprime are the most customer focussed and we believe in higher standards. If ever the package is delayed, damaged or missing, we will either send a replacement or refund the money.  We believe in fulfilling the promise we made to you. We are privileged to serve you and we can't thank you enough for choosing Bazaarprime.





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