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E-commerce and the Trust

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Quoting from an internet source: "By definition, ecommerce or electronic commerce, is the buying and selling of products or services via the Internet. ... The history of ecommerce is closely intertwined with the history of the internet. Online shopping only became possible when the internet was opened to the public in 1991".

Over 25 years! Considering the pace of technology and spread of internet, 25 years is not a small timeframe. Yet, one still has a fear in the back of mind that internet shopping is unsafe! Identity theft, credit card fraud and lack of trust is extensively prevalent among us when we think of shopping online. 

Shopify as an e-commerce platform continues to introduce technology to prevent buyers and sellers from getting scammed.

So, what should you be looking for when you shop online. How can you confidently shop without any fear? Check a few pointers below before you shop.

Is the site secured?

The next time you visit an e-commerce store, the first security check to do is flick your eyes over to the address bar on the upper left side of the web page. Examine the URL of the page. Is it an HTTP or HTTPS? or look for a secured lock sign.

Are contact details on the site real?

Look to see if you have mean to contact the business via email or chat or phone.

Google the reviews on business and see its affiliations. 


Look to see if there are bad reviews or a bunch of scam notes. 

What does does to instill confidence into its buyers besides the HTTPS?

After having served over 2000 repeat customers, we still put ourselves in buyers shoes and ponder over the site security. We try hard to respond to every concern our customers posts to

Why don't we post our phone numbers yet on public site? That's one thing we are going to do soon but we are limiting ops expenses to make sure we continue to operate within budget and pass on the savings to our customers.

The values we are currently focusing on is supply chain efficiency and consumer needs but we will continue to improve security measures. Your satisfaction is our goal.

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