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Online grocery shopping - what to look for

Posted by A K on

Free shipping

With shipping being a costly affair to support, businesses try to achieve economy of scale and scope to negotiate better shipping rates to deliver a consumer friendly shipping. Bazaarprime offers free shipping over $65 anywhere within USA. For more info, read    

Commitment to deliver on time

You order groceries online to save time. You plan ahead to receive the deliveries on time so that you don't run into embarrassing out of stock situation when the guests arrive. While it is advisable to plan ahead and add couple of days as buffer, it is responsibility of online sellers to ensure packages are shipped on time. #Delivery on time is first priority by #Online Indian Grocery in USA

Product Quality

Aren't you always worried about products arrive expired whenever you trust the sellers instincts? Yes, of-course you do! Sellers must ensure to pick right product quality. #Deliver quality is an important culture at

Deliver undamaged

Often grocery products arrive damaged due to careless handling of shipping companies. So it is important to mark them as fragile. Good packaging is important. Always! 

#Online Indian Grocery in USA with best shipping partners USPS.

Missing Items

One of the challenge for sellers has been to ship all items on time. Maintaining inventory of grocery items have been very challenging for sellers. But missing groceries add to consumers frustration. Imaging you have everything in the box but Salt. At will ensure box is inspected twice to ensure products are not missing. At times it is okay to do brand substitution of commodity items such as salt.

#Online Indian Grocery in partnership with best seller partners.

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