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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where to enter the discount code ?

Once you click checkout you will go the screen below. Please enter the discount code on the right in the box marked with red color.

2. Details on Subscribe and Save

Never run out of stock. Follow the four step process to subscribe and save.

Step 1: Choose an eligible item to subscribe and save.

Step 2: Choose your quantity.

Step 3: Choose your schedule by selecting the number and Days or Weeks or Months.

Step 4: Click 'Add to Cart'. It's that simple.

3. BazaarPrime Substitution Policy

  • Bazaarprime will refund the item value if no substitution found.
  • Bazaarprime will substitute at no additional cost to customer with higher value or larger quantity item if the exact item was not found.
  • Bazaarprime will substitute with another brand of higher value or larger quantity when the ordered brand is not available
  • Note: We have no affiliation with any brand and we don't swap items to promote one brand over another.
  • Due to constantly changing business and product suppliers and brands, we are unable to refund for brand substitution but we do try our best to meet brand commitment. 


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