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Greetings from the most customer loved Online Indian portal. Now offering a seller friendly marketplace! 

  • Have you ever wished you had technology to help you sell online?
  • Have you dreamt about receiving orders from  thousands of new customers from all over USA?
  • Did you ever hope to have the tools that help you understand product sales better, understand customer behavior better?

We heard your wishes and built a marketplace catering to store owners like you! Our mission is to connect millions of consumers to hundreds of store owners.

Do you want to

  • Increase your reach and your revenue?
  • Ship from your store like big retailers?
  • Increase your profits?
  • Do marketing to gain more customers?
  • Operate efficiently?
  • Have access to intelligent dashboards?
Read on to learn how BazaarPrime can help you expand easily into the online space.

Increase your Reach and your Revenue

Why sell to a small number of customers when you can sell to millions of customers? Join the many entrepreneurs who have grown their business from a small store to a large profitable enterprise! 

Ship from your store like the big retailers

Join the ranks of Best Buy, Walmart, Target and other big retailers, and ship from store to serve millions of online customers!

Increase your profits 

No fees. No commissions. And you get paid store price for your products plus fulfillment labor costs and shipping costs. We markup products to cover all costs so as a seller your profits increase!

Marketing to gain more customers

Take advantage of our experience with marketing - online and offline! See how we're able to drive customers to your store with our marketing campaings!

Operate efficiently

We provide you with all the tools necessary to display your products, track inventory  and orders. We provide you tools to pick, pack and ship orders. We also provide customer pick up notifications. All this comes with no fee to you. Operate efficiently to increase your profits!

Intelligent Dashboards

Dashboards and data analytics are not just for the big stores. How would like to know what product is selling the best? What brand is selling out most quickly? Which customers are giving you most business? Which state in the US is giving you the most business (and could thus be your next store location)? Our dashboards are visual and easy to understand. You can unleash the power of big data similar to big retailers!

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